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Liebherr, founded in 1949 and headquartered in Switzerland, is considered one of the world’s leaders in refrigeration. Keen to enter the Indian market, Liebherr chose to partner with us after evaluating several design companies. They felt that we had both the international experience, as well as an understanding of the unique requirements of the Indian market. We conducted extensive research to discover that the cooking, storage and usage patterns of Indians had little in common with anything the European line offered.


We then executed a thorough design process, which included user testing with prototypes, and created a whole product line of refrigerators with an elevated user experience. The challenge was to bring together European minimalism and the brand ethos, while still catering to the varying storage requirements and price sensitivity of the Indian consumer.
Liebherr invested Euro 65 Million in a purpose-built factory to specifically manufacture and retail the product line designed by us.
The range of models feature elegant design, ample storage space, and colour combinations that blend harmoniously into modern Indian kitchens. The products are ergonomic, convenient and possess innovative storage solutions specific to India, such as the Spice boxes, VarioSafe and Vegetable sorter drawer.


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