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Swissnex is a global network run by the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs. They approached Lucid to design a series of print materials that included their annual report for 2014. Following in the footsteps of legendary design firms that had done the previous annual reports, we dug deep to deliver a fresh and exciting take on the new report. Collating data from Swissnex offices in the US, Brazil, China, Singapore and India inspired us to play with the idea of connecting the dots and hence an abstract graphic cover featuring a see through opening to the logo below. The report also featured info-graphic like stats about the performances of the network offices and notable highlights.


Hot off of the success of the annual report came a series of materials that Swissnex commissioned that would assist Swiss businesses to do business in India. Ranging from reports on business opportunities to explanations of the legal process and design protection laws in India. We also did Swissnex’s exhibition space where they hold all their India events.


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